Trophies (2016 #Hashtag Gallery)

Bears In The Streets (2013 Gallery 431)

Final Touches (2013 Of A Kind)

Avenging Me Softly (2012 Insomnia Cafe)

Catalog (2012 Mascot)

Monsters and Ice Cream (2012 Boreal Gelato)

Open Season (2012 Of A Kind)

Draped In Your County Blues (2011 Wilson 96)

What Are You Hiding (2011 Drake Hotel General Store)

The Trouble With Kids These Days (2008 Yukiko’s)



The Future (2015 SPiN Toronto)

Skate Surf Snow (2014 SPiN Toronto)

Music (2014 SPiN Toronto)

Animals (2014 SPiN Toronto)

Crusty Creatures (2014 La Revolucion)

On The Horizon (2014 Core R.G.)

Art Of The Movie Character (2014 SPiN Toronto)

Salon Show (2014 Project Gallery)

Cold Snap II (2014 Studio Bar)

Hip Hop (2014 Project Gallery)

M(OMEN)to Mori (2014 Station 16 Gallery)

Time (2013 SPiN Toronto)

One Year Anniversary Show (2013 SPiN Toronto)

The Cat’s Meow(2013 Hashtag Gallery)

Kustom (2013 SPiN Toronto)

Winners (2013 SPiN Toronto)

Heroes (2013 SPiN Toronto)

Cold Snap (2013 Norman Felix Gallery)

Villains (2012 SPiN Toronto)

Spin’s First Year Anniversary Show (2012 SPiN Toronto)

Northern Touch (2012 Norman Felix Gallery)

Spun (2012 Ocho Hotel)

Impossible Situations (2011 Quinn West)

You, Me + Everyone We Know (2011 Beach House Gallery)

Artistree Launch (2011 Ambrosia Hub)

Bayfield Sail and Canvas Show (2009 Kryart Studio)

OMY Gallery Presents (2008 OMY Gallery)

One Of A Kind Show (2008 Exhibition Place)