jeff blackburn is a fine artist and illustrator based in toronto.


in 2007 blackburn graduated from york university’s studio arts program, specializing in drawing, painting, and photography. since that time, he's spent countless weeks and months on photographic excursions around five continents. the people he's met, the conversations shared, and the photographs taken on these journeys remain a primary source of reference material within his personal and biographical work.

blackburn has created twelve distinctive bodies of work over the past decade, examining specific themes such as: the transitory nature of self (Open Season 2012), isolation as an outsider (Bears In The Streets 2013), perpetual growth through adaptation (Trophies 2016), and more. however, all of these works are linked through their explorations of social experience and perspective. despite using drastically different mediums and characters, the entire (and ongoing) exhibition catalog falls under the umbrella title “Social Animals”.

technically, blackburn's work has an emphasis on line and texture, focusing on the linear deconstruction of form through a series of exploratory contour lines. these calligraphic marks exemplify his expressive line/brush strokes, and contain his distinctively loose and vibrant palette to create a layered balance between chaos and control.